Glober is a young italian company Based in the beautiful city of Milan. Italian Handcraft is one of our biggest passion and we decided to celebrate it in our products and make them even more special. Behind every single piece of our collection there is love and passion, but above everything there are hands  that work for them, in order to give you the best quality together with an affordable price.

In every single piece

Glober minimal design is the result of sketches and thousands ideas that we selected and developed at the best of our skills and we really hope you like them

All our products are the result of handworks, from prints on accessories to stitiched tags which makes each piece different from the other.

We always try to support small italian companies  because we really believe that Made in italy is a strond added value that must be protected and developed.


Each product is based on pure work and high quality, is deeply full of meaning and it tells a beautiful story, actually the most beautifuyl ever: wandering around this amazing world with the body and the sould.