Our story is really very simple: two friends, one idea and a special working addiction.

In December 2016 Silvia and Amon, two friends based in Milan, decide to unite their skills and knowledge and try to create a project  that unifies three things: passion for travels, beauty for design and love for MADE IN ITALY.

Here Glober was born.

The name itself has a special meaning “GLOBE + ER” and it means for us “citizen of the world”; it identifies all adventurous souls, all curious and life lovers, those who still appreciate emotions in their pure simplicity.

This was translated into an accessories collection; our products have few and essentials features: simplicity, qiuality and temper.

The glober spirit can be identified by several symbols, but we chose the three  most iconic ones and of course they all have a special meaning: the World Map (we live in such a wonderful planet, don’t forget it!), the airplane (let’s travel and let’s say “yes” to new adventures) and in the end the Paper Plane (being curious and let ideas wander feels good!).

GLOBER products are made with great attention to details. They are the result of a passionate work and a long reserch of the perfect price and quality balance.

Silvia Preziosa. Born in ’91. Libra. Founder and Creative Mind of Preziosa jewelry.
The idea of Glober started from the jewelry collection with the same name by Preziosa, that made of the traveling soul its own philosophy.

Amon Brioschi. Born in'75. Aquarius. Raised in the family-business named Artstamp, keep on working and developing the technological and mechanical department related to jewelry. In the prjoect “Glober” he’s willing to offer his ability  in tunring ideas into real objects, in a fast and flawless way.